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Upcoming Litters

Our spots fill up fast! Even though we try to keep this updated, we recommend calling or texting 801-717-0810 to confirm availability. 

If you have a specific color, sex, or trait in mind, please check with Cheyanne so she can recommend the mother most likely to give you kittens that match your preferences. 

For a good idea of what colors come from which mothers, visit our Instagram and click on a mother from our Highlights reel to see which kittens came from her!


Our insta is: @EmpireSiberians, or just click here.



July 16th

Lily x Osias

Our Empress Lily was bred with Osias. Four female kittens were born April 23rd. We have three spots left in this litter. Kittens will be ready to go home July 16th.

August 24th

Penelope x Simba

Our Empress Penelope was bred with Simba. Five kittens were born June 1st: three males and two females. Kittens will be ready to go home August 24th. We have four out of five spots left in this litter.

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